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"Because the Closest Anyone Ever Comes To Perfection is on Their Resume!"

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The most costly Aptitude Testing is on-the-job aptitude testing - that is, learning the level of a new employee's actual knowledge and ability after they've already been hired.  Unfortunately for most employers, the results too often reveal that their candidate of choice didn't have the Aptitude and Skills they claimed on their resume and in the interview. 

If you are not currently using any type of Aptitude Testing to pre-screen employees for your company, you will find the information we are about to share with you to be very enlightening:   Aptitude Testing can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars that result from a bad hire and/or post-hiring training classes!  The HIRE SUCCESS Custom Aptitude Testing System can be an extremely  valuable tool for your employee selection, development and management.

"Not only has your service enabled us to make more well rounded hiring decision; but the insight it has provided us with regard to our current staff has been remarkable." - M. Hamilton

CUSTOM APTITUDE TESTING - Here are a just a few examples of problems we've heard from many employers, together with the Aptitude Testing Solution:



"Employees send embarrassing letters and memos to clients and prospects with misspelled words and bad grammar, but they have a college degree."


Use our standard Aptitude Tests for Spelling and Grammar and learn the level of English competency before you hire!  There is also a  "Combination" test that includes Math, Spelling, Vocabulary and Grammar. The Spelling and Vocabulary Aptitude Tests provide an overall score Plus individual scores by Academic Range (4-8th Grade, 9-12th Grade, College Level).  The Combination Aptitude Test provides an overall score plus individual scores for each of the four (4) categories.


"Some employees find it difficult to make change for customers or they don't have the math knowledge to know when a cash transaction doesn't look right."


Administer our Professionally Developed Math Aptitude Test. Learn their Math Aptitude BEFORE you make a hiring decision!  The Math Aptitude Test provides an overall score Plus individual scores by Academic Range (4-8th Grade, 9-12th Grade, College Level)


"I hired a new employee who claimed to have experience using our standard computer software, but after being on the job a few days, we discovered we would have to send him through a "refresher" course for $500. How can I avoid this in the future?"


The Hire Success Aptitude Testing Series includes a special Combination Aptitude Test  for a variety of common computer software systems including Windows '95/98, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, General Computer Terminology and Internet Terminology. 


"Our Company has its own training program, but is doesn't seem to be as effective as we would like."


Aptitude Testing is a tool to help identify weak areas in a training program. Test student's knowledge before and after the training. You'll quickly see what they have learned, but also see certain questions are often missed on the Post-Training Aptitude Test. This could be an indication that the topic was not covered as thoroughly as it should. You may also discover most people get certain questions correct on the Pre-Training Aptitude Test so less time could be spent on that subject.  Custom Aptitude Tests can be developed at a nominal cost.  Academic tests can be certified by a Doctor of Education.


Applicants claim they have expertise and training in specific areas that are important to your company.  Examples might include "Mechanical Engineering", "Electrical", "Project Management", "Sales" or "Sales Management", "Accounting", "Software Development" or virtually ANY subject.



CUSTOM Aptitude Testing allows you to develop SPECIFIC QUESTIONS employees will need to know to adequately perform the job.  Test Applicants using your own CUSTOM Questions.  Find out if they are qualified for the job or will require additional training.

There is NO LIMIT to the number of Custom Questions you may add to the Custom Test Question Database, and NO LIMIT to the number of Questions you include on a SINGLE TEST FORM.

This means you can create your own Custom Combination Tests on ANY SUBJECT or Group of Subjects and have it Scored for ONE Test "Credit".



WHAT IS INCLUDED - Hire Success will provide you with FREE SOFTWARE for Custom Test Development, Management and Test Administration.  The Software comes complete with a starter Test Database of 188 Questions from the following Subject Categories:

  • MATH - 30 Questions
  • SPELLING - 30 Questions
  • VOCABULARY - 30 Questions
  • GRAMMAR - 40 Questions
  • COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE - 34 Questions
  • CLERICAL - 10 Questions
  • LOGIC - 14 Questions

ADD YOUR OWN CATEGORIES.  There is NO LIMIT the number of Subject Categories you add to the Database or to a single Custom Test Form.  Further, there is NO LIMIT to the number of Questions you may include on a single Custom Test Form.  There is NO LIMIT to the number of DIFFERENT Test Forms you may create and use with our Software.  You may add, edit or change Question Text, Choices and Question "Value" at any time.  All Custom Tests using that Question will be AUTOMATICALLY Updated the next time the Test Form is generated.

CUSTOM TEST SCORING AND REPORTING - Each Custom Test Form sends information to Hire Success on how to score and report the Custom Questions you have created.  There is nothing else to do besides create your Custom Questions, choose which Questions you wish to include on your HTML Test Form, and Administer the Custom Test to Applicants or Employees.  Hire Success does the rest.

Each time a Custom Test is administered, the Form Data is emailed to the Hire Success Automated "Service Bureau" Scoring Center for processing.  When the email data is received, it is added to a "Batch" for processing.  Batches are processed 1 time per MINUTE.  Turn-around time is normally less than 3-5 minutes, 7 days a week, 24-hours a day.  The only requirement is the computer where the test is being administered must have Internet Access.  All reports are send directly to YOU.  Applicants and Employees do NOT see nor receive a copy of their test results.

REPORTING: Each Custom Test Report consists of TWO Report Sections:

  • SUMMARY REPORT - An overall score based on the number of questions answered correctly and a "weighted" overall score based on the number of "Points" earned vs. the total "Points" available on all questions on the test. ADDITIONALLY, an overall scores and "weighted" scores are provided for each Subject Category you include on the Custom Test.
  • DETAIL REPORT - This second Report includes a list of the Questions the Applicant/Employee got wrong on the Custom Test sorted by Subject Category.  This provides you with detailed information about the text of the questions, the choices available, the correct choice and the incorrect choice selected by the Applicant/Employee.  This allows you to evaluate the relevance of each incorrect answer.

COST - Hire Success sells "Packages" of "Report Credits" starting with 1 Credit up to 5,000.  The more Credits you purchase in a package, the lower the cost of each Report Credit.  The cost can be a low as just a few Dollars ($US) per test.  Please Call or Contact HIRE SUCCESS for complete Package details.

ALL Hire Success Tests cost "One Credit".  Each time any Test Form is submitted by you to the Hire Success Online Service Bureau Scoring Center, it deducts ONE Credit from your account.  It doesn't matter whether it is our Personality Profile or the most in-depth, Custom Aptitude Test; all cost One Credit each.  Each Report (for one credit) includes BOTH the Summary and Detail Reports with the Custom or any Aptitude Test.

How Much Did The Last "Bad Hire" Cost You?
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NOTE: Our Tests are sold ONLY to Businesses and various Organizations for Pre-Employment and Post-Employment Testing. TESTS ARE NOT AVAILABLE NOR SOLD TO INDIVIDUALS FOR PRACTICE PURPOSES OR SELF-EVALUATION.

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